Tamara Evans… Success Story

This interview is over 1 year old and may no longer be up to date or reflect the interviewee/interviewees’ positions

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Naomi House’s interview with success story Tamara.

tamaraeNaomi:  How did you find your current job?
Tamara:  I visited INALJ and saw an opening for a Digital Librarian for the Kern County Library.

Naomi:  Favorite library you have been to?
Tamara:  I’ve been to so many, I don’t really have a favorite.I think all libraries are awesome!

Naomi:  Favorite book?
Tamara:  Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman; I love the idea of time in alternate universes and his storytelling was very vivid.

Naomi:  Favorite thing about libraries/ library technology?
Tamara:  I love that libraries have the ability to bring people together. Working in libraries has given me an opportunity to meet people of different races, ages, social status and backgrounds and I love to share or introduce information to others.

Naomi:  Any websites or feeds or blogs we should be following?
Tamara:  Indeed.com, Lisnews.org, coursea.org, codeacademy.com, librarytechnology.org and librarianinblack.net just to name a few.

Naomi:  Best piece of job hunting advice?
Tamara:  Libraries and librarianship are constantly changing so it’s important to continue to build your skills;through the internet there are tons of ways to do this for free. Also be willing to apply for job outside of your comfort zone and network with people both in person as well as virtually.

 I was born in Huntsville, Alabama, I started working at the local library as a volunteer when I was 14 years old and was fortunate enough to continue to work there as a computer aid, assistant reference librarian and lastly as a web services librarian. I received a BA in English from the University of Alabama-Huntsville in 2003 and a MLIS from the University of Alabama in August 2009. My husband and I relocated to California in 2010 and I worked at a community college for two years before being recently hired as the digital librarian for Kern County Library. In my spare time I love to travel, exercise, take photos and eat yummy vegan food.