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I am excited to have a platform for many voices at INALJ.com.  First a little bit about the gig and guidelines.

  • This is unpaid (right now nearly all INALJ roles are unpaid)
  • You can do a monthly column, or write multiple individual articles or just once- we are open to a variety of arrangements
  • There is no guarantee of publishing- but you will know either way as soon as we decide
  • We let you know if we are publishing once we schedule it (this could take a few weeks + after submission)

And most importantly

INALJ and Naomi House  will never publish your work anywhere but INALJ.com without your permission, period.

INALJ does not hold copyright on the individual blog posts written for INALJ.com, the author does. Period.  All work published on INALJ is the intellectual property of its writers.

Please do not reproduce, republish or repost any content from this site without express written permission from INALJ and the author.

However we are only interested in publishing previously unpublished articles/blogs. Please do not not post your blog postings in full on any other websites, including your own, word for word.

Feel free to post an abstract and link back to INALJ.com.  Also feel free to rework it in the future online, and republish in print, or make it a book chapter. Your blog posts and content are labor you do for free for INALJ and also help direct new followers to the INALJ jobs pages.  All volunteer work done for INALJ is for INALJ. This is an honor system thing- I am not litigious.  We never republish works from other sites and we are happy with our policy as is.


  • We are positive so be constructive- no attack pieces- not interested in them
  • This is not a scholarly publication- no citation lists (further reading is fine) and don’t submit anything that resembles a paper for class
  • If it is a list have it be at least 4 things and you must have a paragraph worth of description for each thing in a shorter list  or a sentence or two in a longer list.
  • If it is an article it should be at least 550 words but no limit.  It can be much longer.
  • It can be an interview too with someone in our field etc etc
  • Proof of identity is key- you need to be able to prove you are who you say you are
  • Photo required, landscape orientation jpeg with your head in the top half of the photo, saved as your name- no exceptions
  • Bio required (approx 100-150 words) or link to your own site!
  • Topics can be anything library, archives, info pro, outside the box, jobs hr, resumes, diversity, volunteering, privilege, etc, etc
  • No holiday related articles- these often are not timely by the time we get around to publishing

What to Do?

Submit anytime all required photos, Word doc of article, bio and proof of identity (like email from your work email account or have someone I know vouch for you or LinkedIn connection, etc) to articles@inalj.com

So excited you are interested in blogging for INALJ.com  be sure before submitting you check your list twice above!

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