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Welcome and thanks for your interest in volunteering!  All positions are unpaid.

So You’re Thinking About Being a Head Editor, is an informative article from 3 editors.  Check it out!

Positions at INALJ

  • Content Editor (states/provinces/countries): 3 day a week (weekday) position.  Monday-Friday 1-2 hours a day.  Find and format jobs for their assigned page.  Canada, USA and international positions and sends to Senior Editor.  I insist on HI, Alaska and most international actually living in their coverage area.   Openings.
  • Content Managing EditorThis is a 2-3 days a week position. One person for Mon/Tues and another for Wed/Thurs and each covers every other Friday.  Takes all the jobs sent to the shared email address -combines them into lists by order of state and sends them on to the Head Editors. 
  • Content Editor (assigned sites): These editors are assigned approx 8-10 major  websites for jobs to check 3 times a week, format and send jobs to the Associate Editors for submissions.  Jobs sites they check are listed on INALJ FB notes Openings.
  • Content Editor (submissions formatters):  Format jobs sent to them by the Jobs Manager & Editor, from the jobs email account 2-3 times a week max Openings.

Contact: volunteer@inalj.com

How to volunteer

2017 NOT TAKING any new volunteers Yet!   Contact us at volunteer at inalj dot  com  with your information and we will get back to you.  All positions require a commitment to fulfill the duties through the end of the calendar year.

In the subject line clearly state which positions you are interested in!



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