So How Do I Get Experience?

Having served on search committees I know one of the key things looked at on resumes is whether or not a candidate has experience (with the ILS, in libraries, etc). I know this can be a big challenge these days as many MLIS/MLS students work full time and take night classes or online classes. Also many newly minted librarians are coming from other fields and only discovered later on in life their passion for library and information work. Their opportunities are often very limited.

It is easy to say ‘go volunteer somewhere’ but that isn’t as easy as it sounds either. You also have to take into consideration what type of library work you want to gain experience in. So where do you begin if you really are beginning with no experience? Here are some suggestions:

  • Listservs: I know several archivist and library school students who have asked listserv admins if they could advertise their willingness to do an internship on listeservs. Always ask first but I personally know several people who found great internships this way. Also local listservs often post opportunities.
  • INALJ: We include internships and temp jobs as well as full time jobs in the daily INALJ jobs digest.
  • Temp Agencies: I am a big fan as I got my start in libraries from a temp agency. If you are working nights and weekends already or attending school then and have your days free- even better. It is a great resume builder and foot in the door.
  • Informational Interviews: If you don’t know whether you want to work as a cataloger, reference librarian or even as a business analyst setting up informational interviews will be important. Use your built in network- ask professors and classmates for ideas on who you can interview. I have had fantastic luck with contacting people outside my network too. I looked at local public libraries, association libraries (DC is a fabulous city for finding special libraries in) and at businesses with competitive intelligence and analysts that might be willing to speak to me. Then ask if they have anything you can help with on a volunteer basis.
  • Computer Skills: It can be difficult gaining experience with ILS systems if you aren’t in a library setting. Ask you library school program about gaining experience and even contact vendors to see if they have classes online. Also take free classes that local libraries offer on databases and computer skills.

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Naomi House

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