LIS Predictions: A Cartoon

by Mychal Ludwig, Head Editor, INALJ New Mexico

LIS Predictions: A Cartoon

MychalLudwigWritten & Illustrated by Mychal R. Ludwig, with conceptual contributions from Carl Burnett & Jonathan King.

In the library & information science community there is a strong tendency towards attempting to predict the future, whether concerning the ascendency of an upcoming piece of technology, or the importance a new practical methodology. However, most of the time these contemporary predictions turn out to be mere speculation, reflecting more so the prevailing ideas of the time and day they are written than any accurate prognostications.


The cartoon above shows one example of a misguided and often repeated prediction e-readers/tablets over the past 30 years. What are some other predictions with respect to the LIS field that you’ve noticed during your career? What value, if any, comes from making these guesses?

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  1. Jeannine
    February 22, 2014 at 11:35 am

    Back when I was in library science school (and yes, I have an MLS), which seems like a million years ago now, there was one librarian (I think she’s retired now) who wanted to see all print books gone from the library & all there would be are e-books. I know e-readers are rising in popularity but I thought that was going a bit overboard.

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