Qraig’s Quest – New Year’s Resolutions – Resolve to Solve the Job Search

New Year’s Resolutions – Resolve to Solve the Job Search by Qraig de Groot
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With another new year upon us, it’s time to rack your brain and search your soul trying to come up with a list of resolutions that you might want to complete in 2013. That is, if you’re into those type of things. I know I’m game.

In the past, I’ve set some common goals like lose weight (done that a few times), stop smoking (only needed to do this one once, thankfully) and exercise more (back in 2008 I decided to run every single day of the year – I completed that and haven’t stopped yet!). There have also been the more unique ones I’ve challenged myself with like; taking a picture a day for a whole year (which I accomplished in 2003 and again in 2009) and even writing my own “Madonna-centric” memoir. The chronicle ended up being titled, Like I Burgeoned: How Madonna Helped a Boy Become a Man. Sadly, it has yet to be published in full. Surprising, huh? Who wouldn’t want to read all about my love affair with Madge? Okay, moving on…

So, as a guy who likes to make resolutions I’ve been mulling over ones I might want to make this year. Regardless of goals and resolutions, there is one thing I truly crave. That’s finding a fulfilling job in the library field.

That got me thinking. What if this go round, my New Year’s resolutions are more career oriented? Let’s give it try.

For my job search in 2013, I resolve to:

1) Reexamine my résumé – Though I’m somewhat happy with my current résumé, there is always room for improvement. I’m sure my wording could better reflect current phrases and terms that might get me noticed faster – especially when it comes to those dreaded résumé scanning and tracking systems that knock you out of contention even before human eyes read a single qualification. A better résumé most likely will improve my chances of getting my foot in the door.

2) Step up my networking – As mentioned in an earlier post, I have a problem with networking. I’m shy by nature and never truly got the hang of networking. But, after pushing myself a bit last year I actually experienced a few wonderful job searching moments brought on directly by getting myself out there and talking to people. In fact, I have two interviews set up for the first week in 2013 that are direct results of networking. I must remember this and “go hard” as the teens say. They say that, right?

3) Broaden my horizons – Okay, so I want to use what I learned while earning my MLIS, but who says I can only work in a library? There are thousands of jobs out there that I could conceivably do! (And I thank INALJ for opening up my eyes on this subject!) I just have to stretch my imagination, think outside the box and expect the unexpected.  Basically, I have to embrace the clichés! They wouldn’t be clichés if they were ‘tried and true’…right?

4) Set aside time every day for my job search – Whether it is to apply for a job, email a colleague, call a friend, write a cover letter or update my résumé, I need to spend at least part of every single day (even if it’s just for 15 minutes) concentrating on my job hunt. Instead of wasting time watching Facts of Life reruns on YouTube or catching up on what Perez Hilton has to say (guilty on both accounts) I need to really focus on what’s important – getting the job I deserve. And once I do, I can then catch up on 80s reruns and celebrity gossip at my new place of employment! This is a joke, of course.  I’m more partial to getting celeb blather from TMZ.

5) Most importantly…HAVE FUN – Yes, technically looking for new employment should really be like a job. But who says you can’t have fun in doing so? Instead of stressing about interviews and meeting potential bosses – think about all the remarkable people you will meet, fascinating businesses you will learn about and all the cool new clothes you get to wear! And don’t forget to take a moment and enjoy other things in life.

Look, the job search in never easy. Don’t I know it? It can certainly be a chore sometimes. But always remember this – even Cinderella took time off from her chores to attend the ball. And look what that moment of indulgence and merriment got her.  Happily ever after, that’s what!

Well, that’s it – my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions. From the looks of it, I guess I’m saying that in the new year I want to be just like Cinderella with a killer résumé and a significant network of connections who lands a job that might not have been expected or envisioned, but ends up
being my “happily ever after.”

May all your fairytales come true in 2013!!!

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