10 Great Art Apps

by Alexandra Janvey, former Head Editor, INALJ Iowa
previously published 12/10/13

10 Great Art Apps

AlexandraJanveyArt Swipe by Jody Zellen

Price: Free

An app developed by artist Jody Zellen and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to coincide with the exhibition “In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States” that was on view at LACMA from January 29 – May 6, 2012. It allows users to make collages from images that are in the public domain from LACMA’s collection, images from the “In Wonderland” exhibition, as well as photographs from their camera and camera roll.

Guggenheim by Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

Price: Free

The Guggenheim museum’s app contains several features designed to enhance your experience at the museum and provide you with materials to discover at home. These features include information on more than 1,300 works from the museum’s collection, building and collection guides available in several languages as well as exclusive audio, video, and photographic documentation for select exhibitions. There is also a Manage My Guides section for users to add and delete content, customized favorite lists, and a weekly calendar with program details, images, and links to purchase tickets.

MoMA by MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art

Price: Free

The app for the Museum of Modern Art, home to the world’s finest collection of modern and contemporary art. You can use the app to find out about current exhibitions, plan a visit, browse or search tens of thousands of works in the collection, take multimedia tours, or learn about artists and art terms.

MoMA Art Lab by MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art

Price: Free

An app for children to create their own abstract art with activities inspired by MoMA’s collection. One example of an activity is creating a chance collage in the style of Jean Arp.

MoMA Books by MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art

Price: Free

An app that allows you to read a growing number of The Museum of Modern Art’s award-winning books, including those that are no longer available in print.

The Design Museum Collection for iPad by Design Museum

Price: Free

This app presents 59 remarkable objects from London’s Design Museum. These pieces from the collection are explored through film, audio, text, and photographs.

The Warhol: DIY Pop By The Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Price: $0.99

This app allows users to create a digital silkscreen just like Andy Warhol’s classic pieces but using their own photos. It allows users to go through a multi-step process (film positive, underpainting, screening) that sheds light on the actual silk-screening process.

Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms By Tate Gallery

Price: $2.99

A comprehensive dictionary to help demystify the language used to describe modern art. Includes more than 300 art terms covering movements, styles, schools, techniques and art theory with 43 illustrations.

Tripolar by Scott Snibbe Studio, Inc.

Price: $1.99

Commissioned by the Whitney Museum of Art, this app animates the tangled, abstract, and ever-changing forms a pendulum makes as it swings over a magnetic base

Van Gogh’s Dream By Mnestra

Price: $3.99

This app is an original, fully documented and captivating account of the painter with amazing interactive features. It provides in=depth insight into Van Gogh’s art and thoughts.

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  1. Courtney Baron
    December 12, 2013 at 11:32 am

    There are some fantastic individual exhibition apps too! I highly recommend the Look of Love app on lover’s eye miniature jewelry. It’s a stunning exhibition and the app shows the collection in its entirety. Here is a link: http://www.artsbma.org/about/look-of-love-app

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