Getting the Most from Your Workout

by Lisa Huntsha, Head Editor, INALJ Sweden

Getting the Most from Your Workout


lisahuntshaIf you’re like me, you frequently let yourself skip the gym because you have more pressing things to do. Stop that. Here are some suggestions for making your workout doubly productive so you won’t have any more excuses:

Listen to a podcast. There are some great library and job related podcasts to tune into while you’re running and lifting (or whatever it is that you do). Search INALJ for some suggestions.

Practice interview questions. Bring a sheet of paper with a few typical interview questions. Practice your answers in your head while you pound the treadmill. If you can answer these questions while sweating at the gym – you’ll do great while sweating in the interview.

Read library news. If you’re someone who can read while working out (and I am not, unfortunately), use this time to catch up on industry news.  Bring your Kindle and surf news sites or some library blogs. No tablet or internet? Bring a print copy of a professional publication.

Job hunt, obviously. Again, if you have a tablet and an internet connection, why not browse through some INALJ postings while on the elliptical machine or stretching? You likely already do this while watching Netflix, so why not do it at the gym instead?

Clear your mind. Consider just exercising and not working on something else. You’ll be more energized and alert after a workout, so you can tackle the job hunt later. You’ve been working hard; you deserve to space out and watch TLC for 30 minutes.