5 Cataloging Resources for Your Librarian Toolbox

by Amanda May, Head Editor, INALJ North Dakota

5 Cataloging Resources for Your Librarian Toolbox

Amanda MayThere are a multitude of cataloging resources available for free on the Internet.  Here are five of my favorites:

Cataloguer’s Toolbox – Cataloguer’s Toolbox is a large collection of cataloging resources.  The resources are arranged by a particular cataloging activity, such as authority work or subject analysis.

Cataloging and Acquisitions (Library of Congress) – This site provides cataloging resources made available through the Library of Congress.  It is divided in a variety of cataloging topics, such as descriptive cataloging, subject headings, and classification.

MARC Standards (Library of Congress) – This is an online resource that includes the standards for bibliographic, authority, holdings, classification, and community formats in the machine-readable form.

Dewey.info – Dewey.info is a platform for Dewey Decimal Classification data on the Internet.  It will quickly help you identify the meaning behind a specific Dewey number.

OCLC Classify – Classify is an OCLC research prototype that helps you assign the classification number and subject heading for various resources.

  2 comments for “5 Cataloging Resources for Your Librarian Toolbox

  1. Nadia Mikhailova Zhelyazkova
    September 30, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Hi Amanda, thank you for share with as. I can add also RDA Toolkit, Cataloger’s Reference Shelf , Map Dewey (DDC) Classification to LC (LCC), Catalogers Learning Workshop (CLW)

  2. R.C. Miessler
    September 30, 2013 at 11:43 am

    The Cataloging Calculator is another good one for quick and dirty Cutter numbers and codes – http://calculate.alptown.com/

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