Make a Tutorial Video as a Demonstration of Your Professional Skills

. . . . . by Elena Bubelich, Head Editor, INALJ Quebec

Make a Tutorial Video as a Demonstration of Your Professional Skills

ElenaBubelichIn this article, I want to share my most recent passion, which is helping me to keep courage during my job search as a new library professional with not much experience. Every day, as soon as I finish my daily job search, I start to explore a field that is completely new to me: how to make a tutorial video.

Tutorial videos are very popular, I think their popularity will only continue to grow. Some impressive examples come to my mind at once: Khan AcademyCoursera, and Udemy.

I’ve already got a little experience in making print tutorials: last year, I made one about OPAC Regard for the staff and students of primary school where I’ve volunteered since 2011. I tried to make it useful, but it wasn’t successful among students and teachers. So, making some short videos concerning the same tool and sharing them on Youtube now seem to me a better idea than to continue on the printed copy.

My passion started when I read the article: How to make a tutorial video. In this article, the author explains the process of creating tutorial screencast in 10 easy steps and tips. And I admit that they are really easy. All you really need is a good microphone, screencasting software like CamStudio (which is free) or Camtasia (which may be used free of charge for a trial period), and some preparations (idea, plan, rehearsals, etc.). And, the best way to learn how to use Camtasia is to see some tutorial videos on Youtube (available in different languages).

Learning to make tutorial videos can benefit you in many ways. First, you master software. Second, recording your voice and then listening to it is a great exercise that will help you to overcome the self-doubt and to master your speech (that is really important during job interview). Moreover, your tutorial videos will improve your portfolio and will show to your eventual employer your professional skills. Finally, it’s fun to create something new!

I hope that you will try to make yourself a tutorial video and that it will help your to relax during a tough job search. If you already have experience in this area, please share any suggestions or tips with us!