4 Back to Basic Tips for Job Seekers

by Gabrielle Spiers, Senior Assistant, INALJ Montana
previously published 8/21/13

4 Back to Basic Tips for Job Seekers

gabrielle-spiersRecently, I got the chance to read through resumes and cover letters – the experience prompted reiterating these tips. I realize that a lot of these are really basic, and I feel like they shouldn’t have to be said, but I ran across every single one of these issues.

  1. Double check the name of the person who you are addressing the cover letter to. It does not instill confidence in me if you cannot spell my name correctly.
  2. Proofread your resume again. I took my own advice here after I found a mistake on a candidate’s resume and I found something that I had overlooked on mine. So you really can never be too careful.
  3. If the job is located in another state or country then I would mention that in the cover letter. Something like “I am looking to relocate to x area soon.” That way I know that you know that this is not a telecommuting position.
  4. Respond to emails from hiring organizations. If you get an email asking about an interview then even if you don’t want to be interviewed please take the time to write back and say so.

There you have it. Those are four things I would like to see from applicants.  I know that a lot of you probably do these things already, but I really don’t think that it hurts to get back to basics in your job search.

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