David del Norte …Success Story

This interview is over 1 year old and may no longer be up to date or reflect the interviewee/interviewees’ positions

My interview with success story David

Naomi: How did you find your current job?
David: Through volunteer work at the library, I had made myself known as a dedicated librarian impartial to disengaged staff, patrons, or scholars. After two applications for different positions, about 40-50 hours of volunteer work for the Special Collections and the Info Zone at Rawlings public library, and a lot of searching outside of my area: I finally earned Circulation Clerk II at Lamb branch library in Pueblo.

Naomi: Favorite library you have been to?
David: Santa Fe Public Library in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Naomi: Favorite book?
David: Frankenstein, the modern Prometheus by Mary Shelly

Naomi: Favorite thing about libraries/ library technology?
David: Reading print copies and abolishing all user devices except card catalog kiosks. The return of the reading library is eminent.

Naomi: Any websites or feeds or blogs we should be following?
David: www.hyperdictionary.com

Naomi: Best piece of job hunting advice?
David: Be professional, engaged, and prepared to teach patrons. Prove this to interviewers by treating them like you would an engaged and knowledgeable patron. NEVER call a patron a customer, and NEVER consider a patron more or less than equal. Also, humor is the best way to humble even the grumpiest of souls. Smile.

My name is David del Norte. I have worked for libraries throughout my college education and in all capacities of library science; from circulation, reference, special collection, archives, government documents, information commons and, most recently, recorded oral history management for Bessemer Historical Society and CF&I Archives. My first paid library employment is at Lamb Branch Library for Pueblo City-County library district. When not reading, working at libraries and archives, or riding skateboards and one-speed road bikes, I write poems, short stories, and love letters. In addition, I plan to start a master’s program in Sound Archives in the Fall of 2013.


Formerly entitled David del Norte …In Six and published on 6/26/12