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Traveling While Broke: Library Conferences and Scholarships

Aisha Conner-Gaten is standing wearing a blue shirt and against a white background. She is holding a round red sign that says the words Ask a Librarian, the text is white.

by Aisha Conner-Gaten Traveling While Broke: Library Conferences and Scholarships For librarians and information folks, conference attendance can provide essential opportunities for networking, professional development, and, of course, gainful employment. Unfortunately, those seeking new jobs or just better pay cannot often afford conference housing and air travel that accompany exorbitant registration fees. Some conferences totals…

Mindfulness Tips

Amanda M. Leftwich is standing between two rows of bookshelves in a library. She is doing a yoga pose that inspires mindfulness.

by Amanda M. Leftwich Mindfulness Tips Mindfulness has been a hot topic over the course of several years, but what does it mean and how can it fit into your work life? Mindfulness simply means awareness of self and everything around you. Still confused? Ponder this, mindfulness is non-judgmental awareness of self and your place…